Ethiopian airline gives 50 free tickets to Nigerian Facebook users

Ethiopian Airline's Dreamliner

አየር መንገዳችን ለ50 የናይጄሪያ ፌስ ቡክ ተጠቃሚዎች ነጻ ትኬት ሰጠ
የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት በፌስ ቡክ ገጹ ‹‹አመጽ የሚያነሳሳ ነገር ጽፏል››በማለት ያስራል ፣ፓርላማውን አዋጅ እንዲያወጣ ያደርጋል በአንጻሩ አየር መንገዱ ናይጄሪያ ሄዶ ‹‹ለ50 ናይጄሪያዊያን የፌስ ቡክ ተጠቃሚዎች ነጻ የአየር ቲኬት ይሸልማል››
ጅብ የማያውቁት አገር ሄዶ ቁርበት አንጥፉልኝ ይላል ማለትስ ይህ አይደል

As part of celebration to mark 70 years of flight operation around the world, the management of Ethiopian Airline is giving out 50 free tickets to Facebook users in Nigeria.

Mr Solomon Begashaw, the General Manager of the Airline, made this known in a chat with newsmen on Thursday in Abuja.

“Ethiopian Airlines has served Africa for the past 70 years. In April this year we celebrated our 70 years.

“As part of our celebrations we are giving out 50 free tickets to Nigerians in the next 70 days.

“ Ten of those tickets are for the media, 10 for Abuja, 10 for Enugu, 10 for Kano and 10 for Lagos stations respectively.

“To qualify for the shortlist for free tickets, you only need to like Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria Page on Face book and text your Facebook name and phone number to 08133235804.

“ You must be resident in Nigeria to participate,’’ Begashaw stressed.

He explained that the tickets would be given to the selected people to travel to tourist sites of any country of their choice in the world.

“It will be an all expenses-paid trip for them.’’


Author: mr☻n Ta Αβραάμ

Long live Ethiopia “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right." victor Hugo

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