20 Special Forces soldiers killed in East Harargie

Following the raid the Somali Special Forces soldiers that was being led by Mr Abdi Mohammed, twenty of the force members have been killed by guerrilla fighters in the area. Security sources indicated, the raid happened at Gursum and Bombale area and the fighters have captured 12 various types of weapons and 44 magazines of bullets.
Even though the regions Special Forces attempted to raise the regional flag in seven (7) Oromia regions and claim the area to be in Somali, well-armed freedom fighters foiled the attempt and drove out the forces from the area, sources indicated.
At present the area is being controlled by Eastern command that came from Harar and it is expected curfew will be enforced in seven (7) cities soon. Harassing the community is expected in an attempt to get back the captured weapons and ammunition.
Sources reveal, one of the general that led the Somali Special Forces, is the cousin of the president of Somali region. The leader and one of his commanders were killed during the two days war. Officials who became angry about what happened have rounded up several Oromo nationals and have sent them to detentions.
Even though Oromia regional officers strongly believe the border dispute has the hand of the minority led Ethiopian regime, they don’t have the ability to stop the fighting. On the other hand, the same security sources indicate, the regime is losing its control in the area.
Following Somali Land’s decision to lease its port to Dubai, parliament members who are supported by Ethiopia and those who want to be free from Ethiopia’s influence have had disagreements. The minority led regime fear Somali Land will bring arms into Ethiopia freely and escalate the instability in the area. That thought has sent shivers on leaders of the minority led Ethiopian regime.
The representative of the regime of Somali Land, 14th regiment commander Brigadier General Berhe Tesfaye said to ‘The National’ newspaper, the regime supports the leasing of the port by Somali Land. ESAT sources reveal, what the general says and does are totally opposite. The fact that officials of Somali Land came to Addis Ababa and held discussion; the decrease of intelligence sharing between the two authorities and releasing Ethiopian refugees without the knowledge of the minority led regime indicates there are tensions between the Minority led Ethiopian regime and Somali Land. Somali Land is still seeking world recognition to become a nation.

Author: mr☻n Ta Αβραάμ

Long live Ethiopia “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right." victor Hugo

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