EU stops meat imports from Brazil

gammelfleisch-101_v-modpremiumThe EU has partially suspended imports of meat from Brazil. The reason for this is a giant fish scandal in the South American country. However, unlike China, the EU imposed no complete import stop.

The EU has partially suspended the imports of meat from the South American country due to a gambly fry scandal in Brazil. The deliveries of the 21 suspected meat producers were rejected and returned, the Maltese EU Presidency declared.

In addition, inspections of meat deliveries from Brazil will be tightened. The decision was made at a meeting of veterinary experts from the EU Member States, which included representatives from the EU Commission. In contrast to China, Mexico, Hong Kong and Chile, the EU imposed no complete import stop.

According to estimates by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, no gamblet was sold in Germany. According to a ministry spokesman, there is no information available on the products of the Brazilian companies concerned. There are also no reports from other EU countries that there has been a health-threatening meat.

No country exports so much beef

Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef. The Gammelfleischskandal there was known about a week ago. Employees of the health authorities should have been bribed to allow the sale of spoiled meat. Twenty-one companies were targeted by investigators. The Brazilian consumer protection authority launched a recall on Friday. Three producers now have to take their goods out of the market within five days.

The meat industry has so far been one of the few flourishing economic sectors in the recession-stricken Brazil. The meat exports of the country reach nearly $ 14 billion a year. The government and association representatives have emphasized that the scandal concerns individual black sheep and not the industry as a whole. Nevertheless, setbacks are feared for Latin America’s largest economy. “It will surely have implications,” said Planning Minister Dyogo Oliveira. “But we do not have a clear idea yet, to what extent.”


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