IT breakdown at British Airways: Today an “almost normal flight plan”

After the massive computer span, British Airways is trying to return to an “almost normal flight schedule”. However, flights are still falling or are delayed – also from and to Germany. Experts know now clearly the reason of the problems.
Passagiere blicken aufein Flugzeug von British Airways am Flughafen John F. Kennedy in New York. | Bildquelle: AFP
After a heavy computer spill and global chaos at British Airways (BA), Britain’s largest airline is working intensively to normalize its operations.

According to a report by the BBC, the airline is looking for an “almost normal flight plan” at Airport Gatwick and the “majority of the offer” from Heathrow. In a statement from the BA published on the BBC website, the company apologized to the passengers for the “enormous disruption to the operation”.
Problem in the power supply?

Because of the breakdown British Airways canceled all flights from the London airports Heathrow and Gatwick on Saturday. Thousands of airline customers had to accept delays or flight cancellations worldwide. Chaotic conditions prevailed at both airports.

According to initial findings, a problem in the power supply could have caused a failure of the IT systems. That said the chairman of the airline, Alex Cruz, the British news agency PA. There is no evidence of a cyber attack.

Since on Monday in the UK is a holiday, many Britons use the long weekend to travel. The airline promised affected passengers flexible transfers or unproblematic refunds.
Airports across Europe

Due to the system problems, further BA flights had to be canceled at the Frankfurt airport. An incoming flight at 9:40 am and an outgoing flight at 7.15 am were canceled, the airport operator Fraport. For today five other machines are planned to London, six aircraft are to land from the British capital in Frankfurt. These flights were still registered in the system and not canceled, an airport spokeswoman said.

Already on Saturday effects of the BA-Panne were felt at the airports Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Hannover. The airports of Belfast, Rome, Malaga and Paris also reported delays and delays.

Already in September 2016 there had been problems with the IT at British Airways. There were also long waiting times at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

On this subject, tagesschau reported on May 27, 2017 at 20:00


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