Ten Things A Young Writer Should Know

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Not writing tips – nobody needs any more writing tips – but things sieved from my experience with this blog and my other writing endeavors. Things from the heart.


Handwriting can make you a better writer. It forces you to slow down and pay more attention to the words you use. It also stimulates your creativity.


There are stories only you can tell. Those are the ones you should be working on. Those are the ones that the world needs. When you keep returning to a story, when you carry it with you when you leave your room, that’s a story you have to tell.


When writing becomes a daily habit, that’s when you’re on your way to something. You stop making an effort to write. Your writing begins to flow.


Blogging will make you a better writer, but only up to a point. After that it can become a distraction.


It’s the act of writing itself that makes it all worthwhile. If you judge your success by external standards – money, popularity, followers – you’ll be in for a disappointment. There are better and faster ways to make money or become famous than through writing.


You don’t need 1,000,000 readers to be a good writer. One is enough. The reader in you.


An eBook reader can improve your editing process. On an eBook reader you can transfer writing from your computer and edit it on an eye-friendly screen using highlighting and built-in notes. It gives you a fresh perspective on your writing.


If you don’t note or record ideas, they will vanish. So much will be lost.


Digital publishing is a bit too easy. It’s good that we have blogs and e-books. But when you can publish anything in just a few minutes, you may feel the temptation to publish things that are not yet finished. Or that are not yet as good as they could be if you keep working on them.


The best writing usually happens when you write beyond what you think you know. When you stop thinking and just write. You have to write a lot to get there. You have to burn all the easy, common, cliched words and sentences first. It takes time. Be patient and keep on writing.



Author: mr☻n Ta Αβραάμ

Long live Ethiopia “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right." victor Hugo

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